Service including expert knowledge

Expert know-how and understanding specific terms is of the greatest importance in acquisition, assessment of demand, service support and customer care as well as in telemarketing. At an early stage, we recognized the importance of speaking the language of the customers. This is the only way how your dialog partner feels understood and excellently cared for. As your company's extended arm, we are able to represent your company properly and have efficient phone conversations with your customer.

In order to turn our colleagues into branch experts including the corresponding practical experience, we rely on our special methods of transfer. We train and coach our colleagues and impart the know-how of successful telemarketing and sales projects. We developed teams with a lot of export know-how and practical experience particularly in the field of building and construction, of construction material business, of construction material and machine construction. They are at your disposal with their expert knowledge and carry out your object administration and phone campaigns with success and high quality.

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