Since 1996, TeleAktiv has been active for you as service provider in the field of telemarketing and communication. Our headquarters and our offices are located in Würzburg. This location almost in the center of Germany offers fast accessibility from all positions.
According to the motto „The phone is not a fire extinguisher, but a fire raiser", we have specialized in the areas:

  • Telemarketing
  • Object processing
  • Service sales center / Call center
  • Administration of sales forces / fixing meetings

Numerous medium-sized businesses and international companies trust in us and value our services. Our range of customers includes many well-known enterprises and presumably we have already spoken with you on the phone.
We accomplish above the ordinary for you as our valued customer, since it is our vision to inspire you! With all our passion, we convince your customers of you and your products.
Your relations to your customers will be characterized by an absolutely new quality of contact. Our personnel guarantee professionalism, quality and efficiency in the contacts to your customers. TeleAktiv avouches this – as well as absolute customer orientation and reliability.
We are tough-minded in our service for your customers. Each time we take action for you, we exactly develop the customized solution you are looking for.
We do not only make efforts, but we deliver results. We actively put into practice all that you wish for your customers. This is the reason why being TeleAktiv's customer means being able to lean back in order to attend to your core business.

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