Our motivated employees work for you on the telephone as if they were your own – whether in the area of telemarketing, taking orders or in all major areas in sales or field service administration. In addition to a friendly and kind voice, we especially focus on sympathetic, permanent staff and a continuously trained team. This ensures that our employees also understand specialised vocabulary from industry, e.g., construction, construction materials, machine construction industries and commerce. This guarantees that your customers feel understood, the person on the telephone is taken seriously and the quality is spot on.
Consistent know-how transfer, training, work gratification and successful telemarketing projects ensure qualified employees and satisfied customers. Even when our telephone campaigns are extremely goal-oriented, our employees communicate fairly and always remain friendly. In this way we represent your company as a serious, efficient and highly-regarded contact for your customers.  
The use of the most modern technology also makes it possible for our employees to assess each telephone contact and prepare them for you. This professional assessment is also possible in your own CRM system which makes telemarketing especially sound and efficient with TeleAktiv.
Advantages for you:

  • Only permanently employed staff – no temps
  • Experience in handling specialised personnel and vocabulary
  • 100% friendly and fair when dealing with telephone partners
  • Transfer of know-how for competent employees
  • Transparent
  • Experience when dealing with CRM systems and software
  • Increased customer satisfaction
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