Customer relationship

Customer relationships must be maintained! Customers expect high levels of service from your business partners and want to actively communicate with your suppliers. Companies which are not present for your customers disappear from their consciousness and open up new opportunities for approaches from competitors.

True to the motto “The telephone is not a fire extinguisher but an incendiary”, we have specialised in customer communication, telemarketing, telesales and field service administration. This is how we provide you with a perfect and efficient range of customer service.

Customer approach through:

  • Telemarketing
  • Direct and dialogue marketing
  • Telesales
  • assessment of needs
  • Customer reactivation

Customer reaction and customer service:

  • 100% accessibility
  • Qualified information, consulting and forwarding
  • Specially for telephone sales / telephone service trained and permanent employees
  • High flexibility even with great demand fluctuations
  • Compilation of all relevant call information for efficient post-processing
  • Time and understanding to meet our customer wishes
  • Always friendly with a fair conversational way of speaking

Sales and field service quality:

  • Address qualification
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Sales planning and field service administration

As a service provider, we are your qualified team in customer service!

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