Optimal telephone customer service and 100% accessibility is of major importance to your company. The telephone provides the perfect, economical connection to customers. In most cases, an initial business/transaction is first done through a telephone conversation.

With efficient telephone management, we refer to a secretarial service, telephoning takeover and field service administration, we support your with individual and established solutions and thus build the basis for a business relationship between your company and the caller.

Secretarial service and takeover of telephoning:

  • External outer office, but one hundred percent in your name
  • 100% accessibility and always friendly
  • Extensive and efficient reporting
  • Personal care from our qualified and trained employees
  • Multi-lingual
  • Can be efficiently and flexibly combined with telesales, address qualification and telemarketing

Field service administration and appointments:

  • Address and decision-making qualification
  • Assessment of needs
  • Appointment scheduling and appointment confirmation
  • Planning of sales routes
  • Dispatch of brochures and relevant correspondence
  • Support of the field service by telephone
  • 100% accessibility of the sales assistants
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