The telephone is a perfect instrument to get customers’ complete attention and arouse their interest. Telesales or telephone sales with TeleAktiv offer you a wide range, from cold acquisitions to product advice and management of orders.

This is how we, for example, take over order management by telephone for your company. Customers who call using an order hotline, can give their orders and ask questions. We train our permanent employees and pass on your expectations for a sales-promoting and qualified product advising on the telephone. Even complicated and consulting-intensive products can thus be sold successfully using the telesales instrument.

Your advantages:

  • Qualified order management on the telephone
  • Acquisition of product knowledge for very good customer advising
  • 100% accessibility
  • Supported by modern IT  systems
  • Flexible utilisation, e.g., during peak and down times
  • Can be combined with other Teleaktiv services, e.g. assessment of needs, appointment management and address qualification
  • Customer-friendly and fair telephone conversations
  • Personal support by our permanent employees
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