Assessment of requirements with TeleAktiv

Is your customer thinking about an investment, has he stumbled upon an offer or played with the idea of arranging his business more efficiently? Do your products or services come on cue or does a call raise awareness in your customers? TeleAktiv professionally compiles the actual needs of the customer for you, qualifies these and sets a marketing or sales appointment with your field service employee.
Our factors of success:

  • Qualified and friendly employee teams for the assessment of requirements
  • Industry know-how and knowledge of the specific practices
  • Targeted conversation structure
  • An “ear for customers”

Thinking outside of the box, beyond the pure assessment of needs, Teleaktiv especially relies on a good and fair relationship with customers. We represent your company in a professional and customer-friendly manner. And your representative on the phone will be, of course, equally as professional and customer-friendly . As in the address qualification, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Who is the decision-maker for the respective project or construction?
  • Who is, if applicable, the outside partner (e.g. expert planner)?
  • Which decision-making phase is next?

Find out more in a personal telephone call.

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