Customer databases

In sales and large telemarketing campaigns, there is an inundation of customer data. You receive valuable information in each conversation with your customers whether in direct marketing, in the assessment of needs, etc. to guarantee successful customer communication and increase the sales of products and services.
For your corporate success, it is vital to optimise your data pools. Without the right organisation of this data, however, the interpretation and assessment is difficult.
We prepare a customer database for you which is completely tailor-made to your needs. In doing so, we take over your existing data 1:1 and optimise it.
Duplications and factual errors are removed. Your data is thus optimally organised. So that it stays that way, we maintain your data on a regular basis.
Your sales department will appreciate being able to access an easy-to-maintain customer database!

  • Generation of individual customer database
  • Takeover of the existing data
  • Cleanup and optimisation your data
  • Administration of the databank
  • Efficient analysis functionalities for simple interpretation and administration of the data compiled and additional information

These customer databases are available to you independent of our other services.
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