Recovery of customers - reactivation

Put you and your company back into customers’ view and make sure it is synonymous with great service! The reactivation of an existing customer relationship is usually more successful than acquiring a new customer acquisition. Such a customer base is the basis of a healthy company.
One telephone call is often enough. Use this telephone conversation for the reactivation, customer approach and for information on innovative products and services.
TeleAktiv supports you professionally through suitable reactivation solutions and with the telemarketing instruments and assessment of needs. Working together with you, we come up with the right strategies even for difficult cases for winning back customers.
To make your field service more efficient when reactivating customers, we support your in field service administration. TeleAktiv plans field service routes and customer appointments. In this way, not only are your field service employees’ best customers visited but inactive business relationships are reactivated and new customers are included. A balanced customer base strengthens your company and allows for the opening of new markets.
Customer relationships must be maintained! Customers expect high levels of service from your business partners and want to actively communicate with your suppliers. Companies which are not present for your customers disappear from their consciousness and open up new opportunities for approaches from competitors.

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