Efficient in sales and field service

  • Qualified field service appointments
  • Efficient coordination of your sales team
  • Professional and customised assessment of needs

These points are the heart of our services in the area of field service administration, customer acquisition, customer care, assessment of needs and appointment scheduling. Profit from an experienced team and specialised know-how, for example in the construction materials and machine construction industries.
We call for your company, arouse customers’ interest and give you the actual needs of existing or potential new customers. We set up qualified field service appointments and coordinate them. Utilise your sales team efficiently and economically – individual appointment scheduling according to an appointment calendar. TeleAktiv slips into the role of your company. It communicates in your name in a friendly and fair manner with the customers. We even send the appointment confirmation via fax or e-mail on your letter head and with your company data.
Each customer contact is electronically recorded and prepared and depending on the need, directly into your own CRM system.
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