Sales training for in-house staff, field service and telephone sales

The first impression, for example during new customer acquisition, in the assessment of needs, appointment scheduling or the reactivation of customers, is of immense importance! Especially during a telephone call, only seconds decide whether your customer wants to quickly end the call or is beginning to be interested in your company and your products.
The telephone is a perfect instrument to draw the total attention of the customer and arouse interest. The right strategy and approach to customers on the telephone is thus crucial for success. A qualified and professional conversational style is just as important as expert know-how on the offered products and services.
As with business letters, there are conventions which must be followed. Many employees are not aware of these high standards.
TeleAktiv trains your sales employees to be fit for telephoning. On the one hand, we provide specific in-house training and on the other hand, your employees can attend open seminars. In these seminars, your employees will learn to make telephone calls in a self-confident and convincing manner.
Our sales trainers convey essential skills, beginning at basic knowledge up to special requirements of in-house staff, field service and telephone sales.
With new self-confidence and persuasiveness on the telephone, you training sales representatives help your company make a fantastic outward appearance.

Your benefits:

  • Qualified telephone trainers
  • In-house training for company-specific topics
  • Conveying of professionalism on the telephone
  • Self- confidence and persuasiveness when telephoning
  • Image-improvement of your company
  • Increase in customer satisfaction


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