B2B telemarketing

A direct and first-rate connection to your customers makes a good status possible at all times which has a positive effect on a joint business relationship. With the help of telemarketing in the B2B area, you get the perfect helping hand.
Telemarketing supports you in:

  • Direct marketing actions (product introduction, telephone sales, acquisitions, etc.)
  • Sales coordination/sales planning/appointment scheduling coordination
  • Expansion of the customer base
  • Gaining of important information and additional information
  • Determination of customer needs and desires
  • More efficient utilisation planning of own employees

TeleAktiv supports you effectively in all telemarketing areas. Our employee pool is made up of permanent, experienced and friendly employees. Our employees not only have pleasant voices, but telephone with your customers at eye-level. This means they have specialised branch know-how in, for example, machine construction and commerce. They understand and use specialised vocabulary and know the practices and conventions of the industry. Your customers feel understood and your company is represented in a professional manner.
We work out your perfect telemarketing strategies with you which equally incorporate your goals, target groups and the required IT systems (CRM & databases) and create an excellent price-performance ratio.
Find out more in a personal telephone call.

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