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In Telemarketing, optimal customer service and 100% accessibility are of major importance. The telephone is not a fire extinguisher but an incendiary! This sentence is close to the truth because with efficient telemarketing campaigns, the customer interest is aroused and the support of the customer during and after the telephone campaign forms the basis of a successful business relationship between your company and the target group solicited.
Your company’s call receives decisive attention through the way the customers are handled on the telephone. The qualified and professional conversational style is thus a much more important competitive factor for your company. As with business letters, there are conventions which must be followed.
Qualify your own employees for the absolute customer orientation or rely on our know-how in all areas of telemarketing and customer service by telephone. We are always available as your qualified outsourcing partner.
Training your employees for perfect customer calls and an optimal service quality.
TeleAktiv turns your employees into telephone experts. On the one hand, we offer specific in-house training and on the other hand, your employees can attend our open seminars. These seminars teach your employees how to telephone in a friendly, self-confident and convincing manner. Our trainers convey essential skills from fundamental knowledge to the specialised requirements of in-house staff, field service and telephone sales.
While your employees can also learn from colleagues from other companies from an interdisciplinary approach in the open seminars, in the in-house trainings, we concentrate expressly on company-specific topics.

Your benefits:

  • Qualified telephone trainers/communication trainers
  • In-house training on company-specific topics
  • Teaching of professionalism on the telephone
  • Self-confidence and persuasiveness when telephoning
  • Image improvement of your company
  • Increase in customer satisfaction


An efficiently operating telemarketing department in your company strengthens customer satisfaction and creates high service quality and successful sales appointments.
The high fixed and variable costs require exact planning in the setup of your own sales service centre /customer call centre.
TeleAktiv® places its long years of experience in your service and advises you competently – from the strategic planning to the successful implementation and beyond. We not only take care of the technical and organisation details, we can also look for suitable personnel.
TeleAktiv® implements demanding assessment to find suitable candidates. After the successful setup of your telemarketing department, we make sure that you stay on the path to success through telemarketing controlling and regular conversation analyses!

Your benefits:

  • Active support in the setup of in-house  telemarketing departments
  • Qualified consulting by experienced project managers
  • Organisational and technical advising
  • Regular conversation analyses
  • Telemarketing controlling


You want to use the services of a professional telemarketing department as needed with using your own employees. Depending on the marketing or service campaign, your employee base can be expanded with trained, friendly and flexible employees.
Our employees work for you under your name and if needed, with your IT system (CRM or database system). They bring a great deal of experience, know-how and specialised knowledge which you can profit from as a company. Your customers experience outstanding service quality, feel understood and well cared for all around.
TeleAktiv relies on customised outsourcing solutions and success-promising training procedures to transfer know-how and specialised knowledge and vocabulary. Teams can easily be expanded or dismantled so that TeleAktiv telemarketing can be effectively integrated into your company.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible support in telemarketing
  • There is a pool of qualified and experienced employees available
  • Customised solutions allowing you to minimise costs
  • Simple combination of the TeleAktiv service range (telemarketing, telesales, sales administration, call centre, etc.)
  • TeleAktiv is your service provider with the successful combination of capable employees, modern IT and holistic solutions.
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