Object processing

With its object processing, TeleAktiv has a special service for you. In this way we can really be the ace up your sleeve!
You offer innovative products and services in the area of construction, construction materials or machine construction. We collect, qualify and process all important construction object data in Germany. These construction objects are completely recorded and classified up to the implementation. The qualification of the construction objects is done by TeleAktiv based on:

  • Determination and regular addressing of  the decision-makers
  • Emotional connection to decision-maker
  • Competence of the topics / brands
  • Features, advantage,  benefit argumentation
  • Exclusive handling related to planning, new products and innovations
  • Constant care and updating of target groups
  • Processing of the construction object, related to the construction and the respective brands

The object processing is done in a customised manner, for example:

  • After the planning and building status
  • How is the offer done
  • Specific questions on the construction (brands / topics)
  • Special features like fire protections, sound insulation, etc.

The advantage of object processing lies in:

  • Central acquisition of address data
  • Central object database
  • Individual processing of the individual trades according to the specific requirements of the topics/ brands
  • Return flow of the different contacts for the object database
  • Efficient processing of the data sets / thus reducing costs

TeleAktiv arranges the appointment scheduling with the decision-makers in time for the construction offer.
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